Syrian hamster or a Robo hamster?

thought about like both of which but what design should post get

if you happen to be a initial timer you should get the Syrian the are adorable BIG easy to cuddle and are also easy proceeding
robos tend to be Very quick and particularly active not really good for your first timer since they have been often proves to be fast more than enough to jump beyond hands if they can’t want being picked up and they are very very TINY that will hurt themselves as long as they jump from your hand or as long as they are got to challenging by ppl in addition Syrians cannot are now living in groups involving 2 a smaller amount a bigger group thus please consider in order 2 syrians or higher they Should be in the seperated cage thus to their own great they fight towards death you recognize! I have dwarf hamsters they are able to live within groups but may not be quite for Young children and new hamster owners(im youthful and i have 7 healthy and balanced ones:D) so you have to should obtain a Syrian mainly because (read in top).

i expectation i made it easier for you with all your animal troubles best of luck!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, tuff preference.Is this initially that you could have ever experienced a hamster if you do, then i’d say syrian.
Questions you could have about Syrian hamsters:
Q.Male as well as female
YOUR.there are extensive things beneficial and negative about equally.Female hamsters have grown territorial, and this also can create them fiesty.Gentlemen are a number of what more mellow, and easeir to help tame.I would possibly do more research, and then choose.
Q.How much will the particular supplies cost
YOUR.for the first shopping holiday (if you have to Petco, or PetSmart) Will probably be around $60 for suplies $20-50 for the cage, along with $15-20 each hamster

MY PARTNER AND I personily for instance Robo’s, there’re so lovely.It well spoken that they’re very active, fast, along with hard to be able to tame/ coach, but i merely like these people.Here is an absolutaly awesome site about Robo’s!


Syrain! Syrains are better simply because are extra kind as well as gentle.The actual robos mouthful HARD! Trust me Managed to get a robo once then when ever MY SPOUSE AND I handled the pup he chew me! We brought returning to the furry friend store and Managed to get a syrain plus named your pet Smokey! MY PARTNER AND I still include smokey and also I absolutly adore him! Hope this assists you to!:)


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