Stocking 55 Gallon tank?

Given that I determined a 55 gallon..I’d like to see to plan ahead before I get started buying everything.Would these kind of fish be fine along or not necessarily Would this specific be a great overstocked tank

SOME Albino Cory Cats
YOU Male Betta
SIX Zebra Danio

Furthermore..what in relation to a rainbow shark Concerning a feeling it probably would not mix well using the other fish I want but I am just asking nonetheless.=\

That isn’t overstocked in any respect! You may even add a lot more small fish that way (2-3.5″) Rainbow sharks would probably not get along with any of the people fish, they’re too tiny.although i might be careful which includes a male betta, i may possibly go a lot more wih any gourami rather.If you need to get a new rainbow shark…select bigger perch like tiger barbs in addition to big tetras or cichlids.I think the rainbow sharks will certainly go fine when using the zebra danios though.You would’ve around 25 small perch (2-3.5″) as tank as long as you maintain with the weekly or perhaps bi-weekly water changes of 15-25%.Ensure you cycle your tank for your fish first!

I had a FIFTY FIVE gallon tank for your fish long time frame ago build like this:

-6 zebra danios
-6 harlequin rasboras
-5 kuhli loaches
-1 dwarf gourami
-4 otocinclus catfish

wish this aids!

This fish tank is excellent but that zebra danios may well nip the betta’s fins.It is not overstocked nevertheless i wouldn’t add a lot more fish.Many men and women say you might keep additional but than the lakes, estuaries and rivers, etc that will wild fish live in all aquariums are generally small.A rainbow shark wouldn’t be smart in this specific tank because it could be aggressive towards some of these fish besides zebra danios (because they are very easy, active, and live in schools).

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