Starting a saltwater reef tank see any problems with this? 10 points?

Today, I possess a 29 gallon Bio Cube which includes a Turbo snail, crushed stone sifter snail, Coral Banded Shrmp (he plus the eel acquire along so weird! he consumes the eel scraps plus the eel didn’t even assault him as soon as he pinched the pup! ), and pink reef lobster that has a 1.5 during sex of reside sand in addition to 18lbs regarding liverock.I’d like to see to put a efficient death (Green brittle star) and also a dark-colored brittle star in awhiile.These days answer realistically people.Can any Snowflake live his life (or perhaps until subsequent February) within a 30 gallon reservoir all on your own if she has lots involving hiding places I plan to ad a lot mor liverock and thick pv, a internal refugium(in chamber 2) along with a skimmer.I think he could as Relating to seen video tutorials of 1 on youtube who will be 29 with long and reside in bio cubes good looking nutritious and delighted.I also want a new ocellaris clownfish and also two to reside alone in a 14 gallon nanocube biocube what a reef container.Does this sound like an okay idea I would like some sincere feedback none of these “oh! Snowflake eels might only live in 100 gallon tanks! or they’re going to die and be ubhealthy! ” bs because I’ve personally noticed a a couple year good old eel inside a 55 gallon having other bass who seemed to be perfectly good.Please end up being honest guys and mid-section the nanocubes is he pretty good

Sounds like you have it decrease well.You won’t find numerous saltwater keepers here that are expert enough to solution you and you’d for instance.I personally have definitely avoided saltwater setups due to work as well as care involved, so MY SPOUSE AND I wouldn’t even endeavor to answer your question.

On your level, you should obtain a saltwater online community where you can find experts along with where you’re going to get excellent responses from individuals who know just what they’re discussing.


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