So many deformed baby Balloon mollies?

Energy so the majority of the fry born yesterday deformed.There are actually 18 analysts, and quiet a few are deformed, when I’ve inseminated Platys along with Guppies I only received about ONE every batch.Also, some are charcoal, some are generally light brown and some are whitened.Why is this if this mother can be a dalmation molly, mainly white and the father nearly completely black I’m not likely to be culling any of the deformed fry possibly.When will certainly they have their ” go up stomach ” too

Gives thanks!

I would likely suggest probably your Mollies are being affected by some form of Nutritional Deficit; possibly Vitamin B12; a scarcity of Vitamin B12 may cause the spine to blackberry curve; a scarcity of other nutrients could have other harmful effects:I’d personally say quite possibly the sea food feed you might be feeding can be inferior throughout nutrients and I’d personally suggest buying a very top quality fish feed for instance Tetra plus feeding that mollies based on those plans!

so or maybe this is usually normal; the reason did people ask your question:ps you should be using a different brand associated with Tetra; conisder putting “dried Shrimps! imo!

ps my own answer can be:Your seafood are affected by some type Nutritional prob.! (could possibly be they deficiency fresh greens…)

Balloon Mollies are generally deformed the Breeding.Their Spines are generally curved because of Human involvement.

thats typical.

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