So just out of curiousity, if you clean a fish bowl/tank with soap can you ever use it again?

Indeed, soap may be rinsed released, eventually.

If you carry out manage to do it, take the container outside, put some sort of garden hose around and give it there for your day and also so.

Then it must be safe again.

Easier to certainly not use a detergent or detergent.


You should be very thorough in rinsing the item out.There might be simple solution that you could rub from it after rinsing, simply can’t recall.It was rice when I assisted a major fish interest.

if you truly rinse out and about the a cleaning agent then feel free to use it yet again.i suggest scrubbing it out genuinely well and purchase a tank for your fish cleaner.

You can easily yes but make sure you rinse it out well and have ALL that soap out and work with a gentle soap

I have got but it’s important to MAKE SURE it is COMPLETELY cleaned out.

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