Should I put my dog down? He is peeing on the patio?

can it have a medical problem if the idea doesnt in which case you are simply being idle and dont deserve the proper to unique an animal

If it isn’t age relevant then I might just frequently seek a beneficial home for this.Is your pet housebroken Otherwise then assume to any trainer to get housebroken.

If you don’t want the particular poor male then put an ad within a local report and just simply give this away.You can find people who would probably enjoy your small guy.If it isn’t a disease then no vet could possibly put this down.It sounds like you don’t want the dog.It is best to surrender your pet then in order to kill the particular poor gentleman.At least take it to a animal protection.

probably.We’d start by means of calling canine a moron, brute, unclean thing, and also idiot.if it doesn’t work it is advisable to step the item up.I would suggest a copy of Websters dictionary for a resource to get better decide to put downs.all the best ..

If WE may come up with a suggestion:

Go through a e-book, play a video game, organize a person’s closet, clean the restroom…whatever.Find one thing better to do with your existence than trying to inflame a lot of strangers…do you could have NO friends

No you need to be put along for not necessarily training your pet not to pee about the patio.stop appearing so lazy and train your canine you troll.

if the not likely to be in charge enough to take care of animal more air .have one particular.Give him to your shelter or even some individual who is not an idiot such as you

y perform ppl which work from shelters hand out animals to stupid ppl………get instruction pads to the dog….u simply put it exactly where u desire him to pee in addition to he pees within the pad….that will easy

Obvious and boring troll.Thanks to the points.

I anticipation to god your joking.

Oh my personal god, Precisely how dare your dog……

Troll alert.

Umm ZERO! You freaker!

Are a person serious


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