Should i get a panda hamster or a long haired teddy bear one?

My beloved dwarf hamster who i’d for 3 years just died today of senior years.I definitely miss him and ‘m plannning about getting just one more this quick.I really like the panda hamsters layer b/c pandas are generally my favored animal, But post also really want to have a Long haired teddfy produce hamster becuase i would like to hair brush it plus groom that.Which one can you recomend as well as do they’ve a panda hamster having long hair the best f bopth oceans.Thanks!!!

Well be sure you think about if you would like be regularly brushing this for about Three years its not only fun as it sounds confidence me….it was fun the primary few days and nights untill they got nots as well as all that and it hurt him to receive it out i felt bad along with sometimes pondered to lower the nots out but or maybe you can manage the cleaning than do it now but this hamster that we would recomend would have been a black produce hamster:)…i include one correct know plus they are extremely curiose and also freiindly this nickname pertaining to him is usually hudini cus hes always having to leave his competition but its cool to try to look for him ive shed him an overall of SOME times.They’re super good like most black carry hamsters and in addition they can reside for SOME years:) these are really wellbeing and my spouse and i havent had issues with mine in any respect:).

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