Should i get a gernbil hamster or guinea pig?

i’d like a rodent that will plays a whole lot and is friendly nice playful.

i would certainly say a hamster or guinea pig.relating to had a new hamster and also a gerbil.both are generally great nevertheless the hamster is much more playful in addition to friendly.

Depends altogether on what you long for:

Guinea pig:
Takes more time to get accustomed to you, but can bond extremely well.
Upkeep and cage is more expensive.
Not just a particularly fun animal.
Diurnal- active from the day.

Extremely active and fast, hard to touch therefore.
Friendly, though can bite outside curiosity and also nerves.
Very entertaining to observe.
Crepuscular- lively at daybreak and dark.

Hamster (Syrian):
Generally slow and semi- inactive.
Extremely friendly, although spooked without difficulty.
Bonds actually with it can be owner, yet can switch nasty in the event that mistreated.
Nocturnal- active during the night time.

Hamster (Dwarf)
I discover that a dwarf hamsters character and mannerisms are nearly the same as the gerbil’s, except quite possibly nocturnal.

Of course this is just the particular species in general- You can receive lazy and also inactive gerbils, just as possible get energetic and confident hamsters.

Well this will depend they are all sweet but guinea pigs preferably ought to be outside from a hutch and also need turf.Whereas a new hamster of gerbil ought to be kept inside from a cage.Personally I can’t stand gerbils owing to there tails.Hamsters usually are mostly friendly but the truth is could end up getting a definitely vicious unfriendly one and the majority breeds could only become kept on it’s own.Guinea pigs are generally always pleasant and prefer to be together with other guinea pigs.If I had been you it could be between any hamster and also a guinea pig.

Do not get yourself a gerbil, they’re just boring and mine got through 3 cages!! The idea keeps an individual up just about all night together with it’s chewing on stuff and managing on it’s wheel.Plus they bite.

I have no idea of anything related to guinea pigs but You should rats simply because they don’t bite and in addition they LOVE to experiment with and they are very clear.

Oh and should you choose get some sort of rat remember to get 2 or maybe it get depressed.

I believe hamsters are generally adorable, but they’re just all special and lovable, But it might depend on but if your looking regarding something quick, medium or perhaps difficult to take care of.Check the following link out down below.

I must say a guinea pig.They usually are sweet as is usually and they are very caring.At first they are generally shy, just like every other rodent but if you want them they are going to love you back:)

guinea pig:))

id say a guniea pig or perhaps a dwarf hamster:).

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