Shood my friends dog have been hurt?

My local freinds dog acquired out along with got hit by just a car yet he cried for any second as well as just kept on running.Im glad he has okay yet its merely wierd.Is the fact that normal( within the dog)

I guess it depends on exactly how fast the automobile was planning or where by he has been hit.It’s completely possible intended for him that they are fine, I suppose if them were this dog It’s safe to take him towards vet to check out if your dog had every sprains as well as internal injury or a few such thing.XD

Your good friend better hope that they aren’t sued by internet websites the vehicle, for any damages sustained.Your friend can even be turned directly into animal command for violating the actual leash law.Your friend needs to take your dog to the actual vet to check for virtually any internal accidental injuries.

my dog got hit by just a car and perhaps though 1 leg has been gimped ” up ” she continued to watch out for her shot…at that vet, nothing appeared to be found that they are wrong with her…in addition to she bounced off that automobile…so i think it is possible…glad your dog is acceptable…

He might be hurt in addition to he doesn’t’ learn it.All it takes is a little tear internally that may cause any slow bleed along with the next point he know usually his canine has bled away……You never know..

The same thing transpired to my personal dog, he experienced a aching leg regarding about weekly and his or her nose appeared to be kinda bloody and not horrible.If this individual kept goin he needs to be ok

Its hard to express to, some dogs have higher pain tolerances as compared with others, Your good friend should definatly take your dog to the actual vet while, he perhaps have internal bleeding and various problems

well i would bring him to the vet to get an wellbeing exam make absolutely certain everything is fine.

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