Setup for a protein skimmer?

so i have a THAT gallon transforming it for you to saltwater however theres one problem.i have a canister filter, and also im becoming live rock and roll, but theres simply no where that can put a protein skimmer in my aquarium.i cant placed anything clinging of my own tank given it has a big cover and the only thing that may hang are usually heaters plus air pumpers, which have been small.just how do i seet up a protein skimmer like this and whats a new cheaper kind which i can get

You can perform an unappealing in-tank skimmer in the event you even wished to use a new skimmer.Most of the cheap kinds run in air stones and are a tube within the water which has a collection cup right out the water.
In this way:

You are able to DIY skimmer which has a 2 liter bottle, some PVC pipe, an atmosphere stone and also an surroundings pump; )
(google this, there are numerous designs).

you sound like you want the Jaubert Method, super good.Just include enough current in the tank if you are not applying much filtration.Also utilize canister filtration system for mechanical and inorganic filtration only and also the DSB (deep crushed stone bed) as your primary source with the biological separate out.

I would likely replace that the Container Filter which has a Sump plus or Refugium if you’re able to.There will be a lot of accidental size tanks on the market to ensure it is work.With Protein Skimmers this better to visit bigger than you require, rather than losing one massive enough to perform the job.Its a very important factor you don’t wish to go cheap on.Expectation this assists.Good luck on your build.

With protein skimmers, typically cheap = terrible quality.
You have the water go from your canister filter with a sump, considering the skimmer in the sump, after which pump the lake from the sump back up the container.But based on this plus your other query, I’m wondering if you are really ready for all this.

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