SEALED container that can hold 30lbs of dog food and doesn’t cost a mint?

Should anyone know where I will find good SEALING containers that will hold all over 30lbs of my doggy food (TOTW)

Truly found quite a few online, but $40 for your container seems a bit much…

Go in your nearest Lowe’s/Menards/Home Depot along with purchase A COUPLE OF big white wine plastic buckets by using lids which contractors apply to blend paint, wall compound, and so on.They’re related to 5 gallons proportions and 2 must hold 30 pounds connected with food.The covers are excellent to keep other critters out plus they have take handles.These are really economical, too.

I bought mine at Target, don’t remember the cost but they’re just relatively low-priced.Funny, I give TOTW far too and make use of a closed containers!

BELOW! I ultimately found what I have from Focus on, hope that helps!, selling price, target_com_primary_color-bin, target_com_size-bin, target_com_brand-bin&frombrowse=0

i feed my dog TOTW in addition and looked through out for a similar container you are talking in relation to…

in the long run i bought a huge Sterelite trash from Walmart in addition to just utilize that.there are two tiny holes within each side on the handles and i merely covered the front and back of these with a number of grey duct tape….

it will the strategy…no critters, ants and so on have ever gotten into your container that i keep inside the storage room heli-copter flight garage…and i are now living in Alabama where you will find a myriad of critters…

expectation this will help…

The just place Formerly suffering with tinnitus able to locate them in addition to online, can be Petsmart and also Petco, there commonly about 20-40 dollars based on what size and just what exactly brand you need.They’re great quality, ive acquired two 40lb pots for practically five decades now, and also there nevertheless sealing good.


I use good trash cans – sold in most shops.Rubbermaid is a superb inexpensive company or purchase steel ones although plastic versions are easier to wash.

go for you to walmart and also target.

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