School Project FISH heeelp!!!?

Hi there I’ve got a major school project to perform and I’m attempting to find some web sites or photos showing how and also why fishes travel annually to a unique place to look for food plus eat! I have no idea of maybe whales, dolphins, shrimps nearly anything!! It’s exactly about the skilled dallas pest control of sea food cycle! I only have some truth..Please assistance me!!

Well, do you need to seek mammals and also fish Considering that whales, dolphin and also shrimp won’t be fish.Will be actual concern or topic you have to study

Maybe websites like these and pictures will help.

I found a very good website on the National Geographic outlining the sea food chain and their effects on this planet, etc.

It is your undertaking.I’d recommend about to the library and collecting some guides about sea life, and the marine meal chain.

Whales, Dolphins, and Shrimp may not be fish, just to show you.

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