On earth do you please give me quite a few fish that will go having my breeding set of two red gems, Preferably any breeding set themselves (DON”T CARE ONCE THEY EAT EVERY SINGLE OTHERS OFFSPRING AS MY PARTNER AND I RAISE FRY SEPARATELY! )

Cichlid breeding aggression seriously isn’t something which is conducive to almost any community container.Unless perhaps you’re preaching about a THAT gallon or larger container.Sufficient space for areas can remedy many problems.But mixing breeding cichlids using other seafood is begging for expended fish typically.

Any breeding set of fish shouldn’t be housed along with other bass because the bank aggressive to shield their nest.The simply option could possibly be a substantial pleco.

pair involving angels

the 3 pairs ought to be fine given that they stay in mostly of their own terratories with the tank.

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