Reasons horses are better than women?

I’m wanting to make an index of reasons exactly why horses are better than women heres someone to start the item off
1 Farm pets are always content to be ridden.
Is it possible to think regarding any more


Well..horses as well cant work out for long intervals..So there’s one boxing techinque against horses!
If you be hung like a horse, ladies will be your best friend!
Horses cant allow you to be a sandwich realize..So I had say that is certainly another punch.

So far horses — 0 girls – 2

Allows see..Horses lack the capability to speak the individual language, therefor struggle to tell you to get the cash, so which is strike A SINGLE for ladies!
Horses as well always take in a carrot nice slow on your enjoyment..boxing techinque 2 for women!

Farm pets – 3 Women :2

Help me visualize a connect breaker..


Bahahhaah when i see your point:)
Logic behind why horses are generally better then MEN:)
1) Many people dont speak back when your served out your own heart plus soul
2) You are able to dress them the method that you want
3) They allow it to be obvious every time they like you
4) many people hold several problems for all of us girls take into account:
– how to act kissing
the ex-girlfriend
your folks
things know about wear
call me
college dance
subject areas for chat
having hands

So have got a gorgeous time:)

well horse arent always content to b ridin.LMAO.but think bout it u generally gotta b the best…(; pms
3 OR MORE.horses dont only get pissed for no reason
SOME.horses cant slap oughout.LMAO
5 VARIOUS.horses do all of the work.
A FEW.a horse will nvr yell with u.

Hahahaha me as being a women i’ll think of a lot of unresonable points we complete XD but i love yes i realize this.

Why women of all ages are better than horses:
Limitless sandwiches

Horses better than women:
Simply no nagging
Can possibly be useful outside the kitchen
No bitching

Resins the reason the mets are greater than worn because regardless of what they’ll prop you over

No, simply no, no-you’ve bought it drastically wrong! It need to read-“Reasons farm pets are better than MEN!! “

2.Horses don’t suffer from PMS

Horses will not answer to come back LOL.

Seriously, you Needs to be single.

Horses will not ***** I am quite sure they can’t make a decent sammich while…

someones irritating………….

you must be gay.

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