Questions about getting a puppy ?

I’m getting a 10 full week old laboratory in about per week.I’ve carried out some homework but I would like some tips from people today who’ve have experience using puppies..

-How much on earth do you feed the puppy so when do everyone lower the amount it’ll eat
-How many times should everyone bathe plus brush it
-How very much exercise have to it get
-Whens the top time to break up each dinner and take it outside to help potty (9am.HUNTING FOR:30am.12pm.10:30pm.7pm.SIX:30pm..etc
-How could you go related to crate instruction, should the actual puppy sleep in a very crate or a bed near to mine

Thanks ahead!

I will suggest going to Barnes and also Noble’s or another bookstore in your town and likely to the doggie section and picking up several pup and doggy care ebooks.

Instead with asking knowledgeable owners to table spoon feed people information, go have a decent guide about pups, their treatment and coaching.”Puppies intended for Dummies” is very good, no insult while in the title, just a good, educational book and fun for you to read.

With no time as well as patience to getting a book as well as read this, you guaranteed aren’t planning to have time frame or patience to coach a dog, so believe this available.

I probably would not do fabric training, but you’ll be able to in order for you.Also here is a rule, try to teach it tricks as soon as you get your puppy, I can try Clicker Education, if your unclear what that may be search this on youtube.

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