Question on stocking my tank?

Relating to a TWENTY gallon high tank for your fish, with 12 tetras, ONLY TWO African Dwarf Frogs, ONE golden snail, as well as 3 ghost shrimp.Its pretty perfectly covered so I do think the ghost shrimp will be okay.Any possible issues with this setup

There can be a few problems I could see.For just one, African dwarf frogs are generally best placed in race only tanks.They are not very sturdy swimmers that will easily drown in full tanks, that’s why you should never keep ADF’s inside anything much larger than 15g tanks.Neon tetras are generally pretty nippy and will easily hassle the ADF’s.Your tank has already been overstocked together with 11 tetras, I’d advise cutting the number back for you to about 6 months time to tendencies, depending on which species they’re.

It is possible to keep your snail along with shrimp, although I might recommend finding a few additional, as ghost shrimp prefer to be held in organizations.

ghost shrimps prefer to be around large communities.There could be some to many tetras within the tank, yet i’d imagine it often be ok, the snail would’ve parasites but usually some people dont, as well as the dwarfs dont want to be put together with perch, i’ve acquired many seafood kill my personal dwarf frogs.

If anything at all, the frogs are a problem, they will drown if your tank is exorbitant.But aside from that, everything seems very good, although you need to get more ghost shrimp, and probably another snail that will clean the tank a lot more.

seems get yourself a few far more shrimp tho bring about they like finding yourself in groups.they generate little waste to help you to get a large amount.

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