Question about my hamster?

Relating to a hamster plus iv possessed her intended for about A FEW months today, i gone into my personal room nowadays looked throughout her competition and post seen very little white baseballs all from the corner of her cage i was just question what these were some just one please support, im worried somethings wrong with her

Could them be uric acid from your urine Hamsters are generally desert animals and get very centered urine.And in addition they like to always pee within the same next corner.Some people today put any container inside the peed throughout corner and also rinse it every single day to maintain odor down.

Hmm…just like the other poster indicated, if jane is a long-haired hamster she is likely to be shedding.Usually, she may be doing a little something to the woman bedding inside a certain way.It might join in on her food or maybe she’s creating a digestion dilemma.Could everyone describe that balls just a little better I’m going to check to see when it’s edited later…

ETA:That is certainly really unusual.I’ve never discovered anything like that.Maybe it’s virus of the actual kidneys.Perhaps there is certainly something within the urine that will solidifies….

OKAY, I did just a little research and it also seems which it’s most likely his bedding.He’s ingesting it and he poops that out.I’d personally suggest switching it to some different type-paper shreds it’s possible.Don’t employ woodchips, whatever one does, though.Best of luck to you and your hamster!

what sort of white balls
Maybe it’s LOTS associated with things like
-eggs(from an insect..)
-hair balls
-smushed upward food
maybe it’s anything, hence add points describing the hamster, AND ALSO balls!
however, when thought about a extended haired hamster, when i never saw this developing, so my partner and i doubt it is hair.
I honestly believe that it is eggs, or some form of parasite by her stools, or bed linen.

Depends which kind.long haired teddy bear hamsters have a tendency to shed from time to time, that may be it.or jane is just bathing and wild hair is approaching off.I would worry until you start to see bald attractions and if you carry out a visit to the vet is probably necessary.Expectation this made it easier for! would certainly really help plainly knew exactly what typee regarding hamster it is.

hmm mabe its section of her hamster meal you bought her…

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