Power filter question?

Would it be normal for a lot of water for you to trickle right out the intake side of the power filtration By this I mean the tube in the very top from the intake aspect.There’s a smallish bit connected with water forthcoming out the particular sides from the tube, the pipe doesn’t seem to fit like a glove so there is certainly some area causing the lake to turn out..just questioning if that is the problem considering the unfiltered water is going back to the tank

http://www.petco.com/product/107131/Tetra-Whisper-PF10-Filtration-System.aspx this is what I have

whenever I observe that on my filters, i go apart given it means in which water isn’t really flowing properly for some reason.usually the actual filter is usually clogged by using debris.just take out the filter mass media and wash it in aquarium normal water (not tap water).be sure to get almost all that debris out.

its no problem due to be able to unfiltered water starting the reservoir, the output and efficiency in the filter will be compromised, best quest, is ensure that its included properly, in the event its the fault, or not just a loose water pipe, take the idea back and get a brand new one.

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