Please help my 2 dwarf gouramis are fighting?

Fine I primary got any male I do think dwarf gourami then I need to to obtain a female but I’m sure I by accident got a further male your older one the initial one looks like aggressive today please aid!!!!!!!

Ya, My business is getting this sense on the territory struggle here.Sounds including 2 males within a tank that isn’t quite suited for them or is somewhat small to get a Gourami, without of which information I will only imagine.I did find a nice document on them so that you can read and also probably disappear your inquiries.I will certainly link the item below.

If people did in actual fact get A COUPLE OF males plus they are fighting I’d separate them at once, or perhaps take the particular newest you back and make an effort to correct the challenge with that store you purchased the idea from.Could they be the merely things as part of your tank, is it possible to tell myself more in relation to your aquarium and what you could have it stored with because other fish may possibly also cause them being more extreme than standard.

Mollies carry out best along with 5 or maybe more, Cory’s are generally schooling fish as my spouse and i recall and also Neon’s are usually schooling fish as well, I might take one of many Gourami’s again, but its up to you.If you carry out nothing though you’re likely to be putting the life of your own fish at risk.If a person’s other seafood are happy I’d personally probably just stop with what you have, but that is certainly just me.I have a tendency to under stock my tanks as opposed to filling it featuring its absolute limit, fish simply just seem happier that way.

Anyway GL and Lets hope whatever you determine to do it all works available!

Entire article for the care and temperament regarding Gourami:

The best move to make is to split up them.Expectation that helped.

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