Please help! 10 gallon fish tank?

hi, i am buying a 10 gal with regard to my bday, and i got wondering if this could be a beneficial stocking strategy:

5 VARIOUS ember as well as neon tetras,
3 OR MORE guppies along with 3 smaller platys.and also maybe(what the actual pet store called)a Rafael Feline Fish, it does not grow even larger then COUPLE OF inches, or as a minimum that’s just what exactly the dog store claims, what does one think

Definitely select the embers over the neons.Embers usually are fine for your 10 gallon but neons such as bigger spots – 16 gallon minimum amount.The panda cories are too large for your own 10 gallon additionally, but you will get some PARTICULARLY cute pygmy cories.Explore them.The shop lied back about the size of the particular Raphael.Or these are simply uninformed.

You could do:
3 OR MORE x mimi platys
5 VARIOUS x embers
5 VARIOUS x pygmy cories
3 OR MORE x man guppies
5 VARIOUS x pygmy cories

Both these options tend to be pretty to a great extent stocked but using a good sieve and upkeep schedule it really should be fine.
Make sure to cycle prior to adding these.:) Pleased birthday to get whenever it is.:)

In some sort of 10 you have any combined the tetra, guppies, or platys, but not them all.So you have 5 tetra, and also 3 guppies.Or 3 guppies plus 3 platy, AND SO ON…..

Rafael cats be able to around EIGHT inches, so it will definitely not work in a very 10 gallon.


The way bout this….6 Ember tetra, 3 male guppy, and SOME Hasbrous cory If you keep up with 7days 50% water changes, that would work.

for your 10gallon you are able to only get about 5fish.i wouldnt find neon tetras lead to they perish in innovative tanks very easy.get many white skirt tetras.also Rafael Catfish find about 9inches and so no people cant get some of those.if you decide to do want any catfish obtain a oto catfish.there’re pretty nice.

not good tetras need at least15 gallons cuz there like to swim around alot.i’d say fit a baby gourami instead of tetras

I use a rafeal it can be about A FEW inches long along with a platy which is 14

To my home that noises over stalked.

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