Planted tank care…..?

How do you care for any planted aquarium.How do you change the water in the planted gas tank.Do i need a filter in the planted gas tank.Are there plants that could live half in the water and also half out the water.Can marine plants purchased at dog store possibly be used as land crops.Any some other info you need to help

usually a new planted tank may have a handful of change the lake like a standard fish fish tank.about 20-25% weekly.You want a separate out.Yes you will discover plants that could live mostly in waters and stick out the very best.some facilities even grow flowers above the lake surface.Aquatic plants can be sold with pet stores but not sure should they can stay totally out of water.Usually what a regular you are able to center retailer.aquatic plant life need light, nutrients, and a carbon supply.PLanted gas tank enthusiasts usually utilize a co2 diffuser within their planted tanks.

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