Personality of being the only pup in a litter?

Hi there.Wanted to learn from some breeders and pet owners if it makes much difference personality wise whether a puppy is alone in a new litter.I am in the way of obtaining a female California king Charles puppy that’s the only doggie in the woman litter.There is actually another pup what a few days older (from another Dam in the house) that she’s been working around by using since she was able and is socialized with young kids as very well.This breeder is a very small breeder (2 Dams andf the other Sire) and also the dogs usually are kept inside your home (not a kennel) really nice property:)
I’m worried about the dog not becoming properly play games with litter box training mates.Any thoughts

As long since the puppy have other puppies to learn with you can not have cultural issues.In any other case, you will likely need to get the actual pup with play instructional classes to get friendly in the right way.

The elder puppy is actually close enough in the form of surrogate littermate so We would not bother about that.Syringomyelia, a scourge inside CKCS, could be my principal interest.

You can have to operate harder to socialize the actual pup.

Your “concern” isn’t reality-based!

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