Peacock eel- could they live with these guys?

I went along to the fish shop right now and almost fell within love when using the peacock eel.

Currently, I do not think I have any tanks they’d squeeze in, although MY PARTNER AND I do possess a twenty gallon with just one single male betta.Since the actual eel will stay at the end most likely, would this individual be ok in there

Or even, I’m preparing to getting any 150 gallon shortly, for my black ghosting knife fish.If Used to do, and obtained the eel, It’s safe to have two options:

– put him or her in my current FIFTY-FIVE gallon by using four angelfish and two blue rams
– fit him inside the 150 gallon with the black ghost knife fish
– possibly put many of the angelfish/rams in the 150 gallon too and accomplish either of those options.

Thus, basically I am just asking in the event peacock eels will perform okay having betta, angelfish, ebony ghost dagger fish, and/or rams

While the actual Eel is actually small most effective for you OK with the Angelfish in addition to Rams inside the 55gal.

When it really is larger it becomes better moved towards 150gal when using the BGK, and probably the Angels also.

Then keep your 55gal for those smaller fish such as the Rams

Peacock Eels usually are considered your community sea food, and need to be OK with pretty much any species construct y can’t really swallow total.Their timid nature means they are able to live just fine with the majority of semi-aggressive species such as the Angels and BKG.


Your rams in addition to betta will probably be eaten.I’d wait until you can properly home one.When you get your 150, put that in there with your BGK, as well as angels needs to be OK with there far too.But your own BKG will probably eat that rams.Until you really have any bigger tank, with space, you probably should not get just one.

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