Overstocked tank? please help!?

We have a 36 gallon neighborhood tank using:

A COUPLE OF silver cash,
A COUPLE OF angelfish,
ONE PARTICULAR dwarf gourami,
A COUPLE OF bleeding coronary heart tetras,
any roseline shark,
in addition to thats that…

My tank is not overstocked nevertheless, but much people are saying precisely how my educational facilities of seafood are messed upward, and equipment and i understand that.When i got these types of fish my spouse and i didnt investigation them more than enough and when i cant switch that today, so dont provide me answers on what i should of completed, give me answers on what i have to do.I ended up being thinking allow me to get the 55 gallon, or maybe a SEVENTY FIVE gallon, and i’ll sell this 36 gallon, and i’m sure how internet marketing gonna do doing this.anyways, we have 70 gallons with filtration inside there( A COUPLE OF filters.) and we have a heat tank to.Is it ok plainly just moved both the filters, heater, gravel, and the many decorations for the 75, or am i going to need the diffrent heater since this schools regarding fish will also be wrong, imagin if i travelled from:

A COUPLE OF silver cash to 3
A COUPLE OF angelfish to help 2( zero change)
ONE PARTICULAR dwarf gourami to help 1( zero change, we have a men dwarf gourami just in case i get just one more they can fight)
A COUPLE OF bleeding coronary heart tetras to help 4
a roseline shark to another one, (2)

if manged to get that additional fish am i going to still often be overstocked convey to me it is possible to best, im 13 yoa and i would like to plead my dad and mom, so my spouse and i cant review a SEVENTY FIVE gallon.Please tell me what i’ll do in making my seafood happy without breaking 75 gallons.Please dont tell me magical dollars need to be in a group of SEVEN since some people only grown to be 6 ins because relating to seen these folks at 12 inches! please help! please!!!

It is actually overstocked now actually.
I would buy the best tank you possibly can afford.So that looks to be a 75 gallon.I’d obtain 75 besides the 55.

You can move everything for the new aquarium.But undertake it gradually.The fresh tank must cycle and it will when you move the particular substrate, andf the other filter.Leave the brand new tank for the week.Then will move that decorations and everything else including the particular fish.

You should get
4 silver dollars
A COUPLE OF angels usually are fine
ONE PARTICULAR gourami is usually fine
6TH bleeding hearts
in addition to
5 or 6 roseline sharks..they’re basically barbs in order that they need any school being happy.And there’re very peaceful in order that they shouldn’t hassle any with the other seafood.

No you will be fine along with those quantities.Actually adding more just like I said would be a good notion and create the fish practical and content.I would certainly plant the tank applying fake plant life (they’re less complicated to maintain) permitting plenty of hiding places.I’d in addition fine a number of larger decorations for any bigger bass to hide in..you should use driftwood as well as rocks to set-up a cool cave.Also you can use clay pots with the hardware shop and brake these folks into diverse sized types or invest in some slate tiles as well as brake these individuals up (be very careful! these shall be sharp any time broken).The slate you can buy inside the tile portion of the computer hardware store..they are sold since big units or distinct pieces.I got myself a several for simply $3 as well as $4 plus broke them to make “caves”.The fish like them and perhaps my angelfish can squeeze in there.They are available in a silvery colouring but whenever you get these people wet you will observe blues and also pinks end up.It’s really an excellent look.

All the best!:

move each one of that to some 55 ( cheaper) increase the perch you needed, and p.azines.get the bristle nosed pleco, and a school of 3 corry cats to assist clean.

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