Overstocked tank 36 gallon to 55?

Concerning a 36 gallon local community tank along with:

TWO silver bucks,
TWO angelfish,
JUST ONE dwarf gourami,
TWO bleeding cardiovascular tetras,
your roseline shark,
along with thats it…

This tank isnt overstocked nevertheless, but alot of people usually are saying just how my classes of seafood are messed up, and goods and i am aware of that.Next time i got most of these fish my partner and i didnt research them ample and post cant switch that right now, so dont offer me answers on the i must of carried out, give me answers on the i ought of do.I had been thinking i’ll get either a 55 gallon, as well as a SEVENTY-FIVE gallon, and i can sell this 36 gallon, and i understand how i’m gonna do this.anyways, concerning 70 gallons involving filtration with there( TWO filters.) and concerning a heat tank to.Would it be ok only just moved the 2 filters, heat tank, gravel, and every one of the decorations towards 75, or can i need your diffrent heat tank since the schools connected with fish are also wrong, let’s say i gone from:

TWO silver bucks to 3
TWO angelfish to 2( not any change)
JUST ONE dwarf gourami to 1( not any change, concerning a masculine dwarf gourami in case i get a different one they will fight)
TWO bleeding cardiovascular tetras to help 4
a roseline shark to a differnt one, (2)

if i bought that more fish can i still be overstocked explain to me is there a best, im 13 years old and i want to plead my parents, so i cant look at a SEVENTY-FIVE gallon, plainly can even have a 75 gallon.Please inform me what allow me to do to create my sea food happy without going over 75 gallons, nevertheless probably FIFTY FIVE.Please dont explain to me metalic dollars have to be in a group of SEVERAL since these people only turn out to be 6 in .because concerning seen these people at 14 inches! i additional up the sum of inches connected with what the many fish we’ve right now could well be, and obtained, 48 in ., also equal to 48 gallons.is there a best thing i’ll do with out removing any kind of fishes please help! remember to!!!

The “one inch of bass per gallon of water” principle is bejesus.You aren’t able to keep your 10 ” goldfish in the 10 gallon aquarium, for instance.That would be like everyone being SOME feet high and requires you’re going to a 5’x5′ space.The greatest thing that can be done is investigation the minimum number of gallons that the fish you have/want need, and then do away with some of them.

Your tetras have to be in a group of no less than 6.The actual dwarf gourami is actually fine.Adding one more roseline shark may be a bad concept, since they have to be within shoals of at the least 6 in a very group too (not simply 2).Some needs related to 30 gallons or more to themselves.

“people” usually are right, you should get extra bleeding soul tetras, there’re schooling bass.

As considerably as stocking your fish, I am just clueless.These, use this site:
http://aqadvisor.com/ Just go in the details after which it it will inform you the direction to go! (I didn’t know you had been 13! Managed to get so countless good responses from an individual I thought you were a scientist or maybe something, lol.Well hi! I am just 10! LOL).

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