Oscar hits top of tank?

The Question

Relating to a 60 gallon tank that has a medium measurement Oscar in the container..and some sort of parrot perch.i simply added cup top on the tank.why may the Oscar preserve hitting the top part of that tank Come on , man he is actually charging it pretty difficult and doing the work every SOME or EIGHT min..why can be he performing that

lol manged to get an oscar 2 and this individual breaks every heater i make do ramming in to it.and mine is substantial and this individual rams my personal glass at the same time and fails aerator they may be just potent and desire to be boss

Are an individual saying the entire top will be glass with no ventialtion There should be air concerning your lid plus the water very..Sometimes species of fish see their own reflectons and try to fight them Could which be it

He can easily see through this pretty well it is trying to jump out and about.

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