Oscar compatiblity in a 125 gallon aquarium revised!?

-1 (MAYBE 2) Tiger Oscars
-1 Senegal Bichir
-1 Peacock Eel
-4/5/6 Silver Dollars

Depending on if I save an Oscar at a not-so-smart-pet-store, is dependent upon the ammount involving silver Dollars.I own enough purification, and a great deal of hiding areas.Sandy bottom in addition.

With all the hiding spots, I don’t even think the eel and bichir can fight an excessive amount of.Let me determine what you think

Don’t preserve 2 Oscars.Unless they’re just a mated match, they could fight.Retain either 1, or 5 and up.You don’t have enough area for FIVE, not you were given that.

Aside from that, the idea sounds beneficial.

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