Oscar compatibility in a 120 gallon?

-1 Tiger Oscar
-3 Albino Reddish colored Fin Tinfoil Barbs
-1 Senegal Bichir

Absolutely no, the Tinfoil barbs usually do not grow in order to 12″.These kinds of stay 8″.So 3 of these is not just a lot.The Bichir is definitely awesome.Using this type of setup, i figure it really is about 60% displayed.What altogether different could WE add Maybe another Barb, in addition to another much larger fish

Black Ghost Knife would certainly work.

Or several clown loaches.

Your aquarium is completely stocked.Maybe you could get pleco simply because they don’t contend for breathing space with some other fish.Tinfoil barbs is certain to get to possibly be about any 12″ (I can see them this large) with proper care even though they will grow little by little.

i would add whatever.i got two oscars and from now on 1.oscars have become territorial once they grown excrete 8″ as well as begins for you to attack whatever it really is.in quite a while the ammonia level are going to be very substantial, but in the event its practically now, than Convicts are good

Tinfoil barbs needs to be in an organization of at the very least 5, and sometimes without you’re at 108% in the tanks stocking functionality.

but in the large cichlid.

jaguar cichlid, or these ones with the lump about their brain lol forget about what these people r called

i would suggest a big pleco.

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