Opinion in this dog look?

hello guys were thinking of adopting any dog…and were making plans for this just one so do you think it’s cute



Cute sure, to adopt NO – the spot is not really a reputable breeder – “champion” outlines mean almost nothing.Its more of any commercial type of a doggy mill then a genuine reputable breeder connected with Havanese.If you want the canine, then search for reputable breeders exactly who show its dogs, test to get genetic problems and therefore are not ones having a “lot regarding puppies”.

Puppy generator alert!

Study responsible breeders connected with Havanese.Doesn’t matter in case your dog can be “cute”, as all of them are biased.I, personally, am not interested in fluffy things

You’re CERTAINLY NOT adopting, that you’re BUYING.There is a difference.

No I don’t think it’s adorable.

its super cute, super hot, its the dog u need alot, it has the super excellent dog, it has the super excellent dog

He’s lovable, but people breeds tend to be sometimes snippy simply warning you

Super cute!

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