Ok so it was gonna be a 30 gallon setup but now it has to be a 20 so tell me what you think?

the dude i had been gonna chose the 30 out of just explained it was actually some sort of 20 lengthy so new setup.
5- males fancy guppies,
5- gold skirted tetra,
6-juli cory catfish.
or perhaps
6-neon tetras,
3-dwarf upside down catfish,
6-juli catfish,
or perhaps
4- males fancy guppies,
4-dwarf neon rainbowfish,
6- juli cory catfish.
any different ideas it has to have the julis nevertheless bc i currently own 4 around my TEN gallon and am replacing for these individuals.

Drop sometimes the dresses or your guppies inside first 1 Tetra’s need groups associated with six they usually will go your guppies that will death every time they don’t have the right phone numbers.

Drop the upside down catfish for the second option they want 30 gallons plus need colleges.They likewise overstock you tons.They could stock 15 of people gallons so you would will need 3 more to the proper education.

Drop this rainbow fish inside last one they need 36 ” tanks in order that they would need a THIRTY gallon tank in addition.

Guppies are usually all strata.They inhabit every column on the tank.If you are seeking a different fish for every area and since you’re crunched with space have you thought to try to accomplish 6 ember tetras a Dwarf Gourami and also 6 julies But you’ll find out construct y don’t specifically stay in the top rated middle along with bottom.Of which stocks you.You’ll need maintain on cleanings though to confirm the health from the fish.You have to have tetra’s that can stay 1 inch or less to create that create work.Anything a few inch and you may be really overstocked since you’ll need 6 in there.Rather than the Dwarf Gourami you could go using a male Fish.They’re pretty that will go in that , sort of set up.That gives you a correct a school along with a focus bass.Galaxy rasbora’s work at the same time.

i would select the juli cory catfish, dwarf neon rainbow species of fish, male expensive guppies nevertheless its as long as you:P.

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