New havanese puppy scratching all over?

Your day I got my bit of havanese MY PARTNER AND I noticed this individual was scratching & considered he appeared to be just appearing silly result in I seen another pups in the litter doing this.I get vet appointment soon nevertheless wonder exactly what can it be MY SPOUSE AND I checked pertaining to fleas & never see every but some may hide good.I noticed that his or her face pores and skin is reddish and he scratches a lot there far too.:(

Precisely what can it be

Top suspects:Fleas plus mange.

Rule these out along at the vet (scabies won’t show through to the downfall so keep in mind that.)

May also be your allergies, contact hypersensitivity or foods allergies.

There are other alternatives but those is the three most common.

Are you sure that there isn’t a flea dander with your puppy Check thoroughly.
It truly is definitely also that or perhaps mange.You ought to get this puppy checked out sooner when compared with later.
It’s terrible the number of people usually do not care for the puppies good enough before they go to their brand new homes.

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