Need some tank cleaning advice..?

Thus, I employ a sand substrate and live plants, I have got 3 Oto Catfish and I make use of an Eheim 2213 outside canister sift.I has been wondering, what can i do to manipulate algae the Otos really don’t eat (green hair within the plants in addition to decor) and how can i clean the particular sand( I work with a little net to scoop out almost all of the real terrible stuff nevertheless my better net will be too fine for the sand)

1.end feeding this tank
TWO.don’t utilize ammonia eliminating filter materials a siphon better.a small some may be ok women and men bigger just one works in the event you crimp the actual hose a single hand to regulate the pass rate.don’t buy one of several big drinking water changing never need the item. a few water changes with your siphon tidier.20-35 NOUGHT PER CENT or so invest in.
YOUR FIVE.always work with water that’s the same temperature for the reason that tank.check it using a finger.take advantage of the exact finger you’ll be able to tell heat range differences of an couple diplomas.
HALF A DOZEN.dont’ through use drinking water conditioning substances.find out the thing you need to apply and put it to use according towards the directions.some whenever over used are certainly not great pertaining to plants.i utilize amquel in addition to novaqua without having to ammolock.most of the others tend to be ok too as far as I’ve over heard.
8.add a handful of shrimp even more ottos.ottos have grown delicate therefore you need one or two extra.
SEVEN.if you have good light then the plants will certainly outcompete the actual algae with regard to nutrients and also the algae will be less.If you have bad light or too many fish or an excessive amount food and then the algae can do better plus the plants can get yellow and also spindly as well as rot.
NINE.all more plants if you have the lights.otherwise acquire plastic vegetation and move the lights off most likely.

Algae may be a plant.give the item fish waste products and extra food furthermore light but it grows.take these away but it doesn’t.

how big ‘s your tank id acquire some ghost shrimp these people help or perhaps snails.when using the sand get yourself a graval vacume a hold that about your half a good inch to an inch within the sand thats just what i do you lose a bit sand but is not muh in any way.

may become useful as a personal reference

Get the algae eater and clean this take every at times.

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