Need help with a fish tank?

I have an bare 20 gallon fish tank that I would really prefer to share.I was quite a seasoned fish owner.I really want a one particular larger sea food – about a number of medium measurement fish.I wish to accomplish tropical, yet don’t claim any compact fish such as guppies, tetras, danios, ect.I currently have goldfish, so not really a fancy goldfish possibly or a betta.

I just like cichlids.They’re just tropical and can be found in cool hues.

im about to getting a 20 gallon along with am performing
4-juli cory catfish and also pandas,
1- dwarf gourami (that function fish everyone want),
and my partner and i cant consider a top swimming sea food other after that guppys in addition to tetras,
you can find endless opportunities just investigation research investigation.

Maybe you could get some puffer fish I have a efficient spotted puffer fish along with a bumblebee goby inside a 20 gallon warmed up brackish container.

how about an angels in some smaller sized schooling sea food, but very little tiger barbs they’ll nip from ur angels.

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