Need help comming up with a feeding schedule for my fish?

i’d like for my own fish to get a little variety i have 4 juli corys and 1 saimese algae eater.i’ve algae pellets, shrimp (but they float hence i dont know if they ever eat them), and tetra hot flakes how much should we feed them these and what good routine so they’ll have got a variety instant messaging gonna get some good bloodworms so should you could contain that too it would be great.thanks

i would likely say nourish them either the next day after you become up, or during the night time before you go to bed, and your ammount when i usually feed them is a pinch each day, and some sort of pinch associated with bloodworms for a treat once a week, same for your algae pellets, when a week, hope this particular helps

feed these folks the flakes 1 day and observe it and see if your species of fish come in close proximity to it.or give these folks the bloodworms and i commonly feed my fish twice each day morning and night.

Mix the item up, fish HATE it whenever they get similar meal twice from a row.They might jump out of the tank as well as come infiltration you during the night time.If MY SPOUSE AND I were anyone, I’d totally just forget about the shrimp.Shrimp is really a fish’s most effective friend, if they found out we were looking at eating the item, they would certainly cut ourselves.

It also is dependent upon which kind of fish these are.

Beta perch — the men is likely to just would like a sammich.They’re too manly to worry about what the woman will get them.They only desire to sit with their steel couch for hours on end, watching the cat try to get it via outside the actual tank, and they love purchasing their girl to make ’em a sammich.

Gold perch — they’re very prim plus proper, they believe they are constructed with gold, but they’re basically your blonde’s from the fish entire world.Their storage area span can be horrible, but they’re going to remember the last meal, so remember they may kill you inside your sleep if you make some sort of mistake.

Koi species of fish — they like rice rolled throughout seaweed, which can be basically vegetarian sushi, just make sure you you should not put fish from the sushi, or they’re going to end way up hopping up to the sink and turning for the garbage fingertips, and they’ll shred yourself.

That’s many of the fish WHEN I remember, but mail me for more info —

Wish this assisted!

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