My staffie puppy has white specs on her?

I’m undecided weather it can be flea eggs or only flaky pores and skin as I realize a great deal of staffs complete get body problems.MY SPOUSE AND I flead your girlfriend today by using Beaphar (which the girl was at before and has toiled fine.) WE can’t find the money for Frontline at this moment of time.I haven’t much found any kind of live fleas at her when owning a flea comb through your girlfriend just this specific flaky form.I also deflead the house with flea bombs Just in case.
What they look like:flaky, tiny, not square and white.
And right now there more to the surface in the fur than by skin.( extremely fined haired dog though)

Virtually any suggestions you should!

one beaphar is not good nonetheless it is better than nothing (shampoo is best for cheapies though; )
What your meals are she on If the food features cereals, maize etc in buying it can induce bad dermis condition (i recommend Wainwrights/James Wellbeloved – good for your price)
Sounds like skin – it is best to ask this vet since Staffies are vulnerable to skin irritations

Rub your girlfriend down together with peanut gas and of lemon juice, after that give the woman’s a baths.

Could become flea pooh.

it could be fleas, talk to your vets

It appears like a dander issue.Read that label connected with her puppy food:is there corn, wheat, or some other grain because the first ingredient They’re fillers and usually do not contribute towards the nutritional well-being of the dog and are in many generic brand names of doggie food.The health quality can also be probably sacrificed; the animal meat sources are usually the ‘leftover’ meat that mankind don’t eat-ie the intestines, structures, etc that are low within protein benefit.

It is advisable to switch her into a fish as well as liver protein source because first factor.This will assist to lubricate the woman’s skin along with reduce inflammation, as properly as bring about her long-term health and wellbeing.She will experience fewer gastrointestinal complications; most dogs are/become hypersensitive to wheat and corn.

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