My rat ate one of those growing animal things, is he going to die? :(?

My one year old rat (about 1lb throughout weight) just ate a piece of one of these animals that will grows when you put the item in water (sometimes the truth is them in the grocery keep toy aisle, usually dinosaurs and also bugs).I’d NO IDEA it was before on the floor, a final time POST saw it it was before on that counter.He managed to help eat perhaps 1/2 ” of it…dry.

I literally don’t have a money right now because POST haven’t picked up paid hence I cannot take him for the e-vet:( My business is so hence so reluctant that it can be either going to absorb each of his essential liquids and dehydrate him or maybe block ” up ” his intestinal tract, and wipe out him slowly manner in which, but there’s seriously ugh for me to look at him anywhere you want to…what am i allowed to do with regard to him in the home If POST give him quite a watery treat (like fruit) as well as encourage your pet to drink lots of water, or if MY PARTNER AND I give him something truly dry, will it possibly assist I thought maybe that give-more-water thing would job because if you soak the points a whole lot they get really delicate, maybe it might get soft enough for him to pass

Do not criticize me for certainly not being capable to take him for the e-vet, if Thought about gotten paid on time I would be able to take your ex, but in fact that POST wasn’t as well as I are unable to.I likewise had rat-proofed anything else and was watching your ex boyfriend while your dog was away, but it was before behind some thing – they managed to duck at the rear of, pick annoyingly , many people up and receive a chomp away from it before I can get along the room.

that’s daunting man.he should be able to pass that because it is spongy.You cannot induce vomiting so it will take in any fluids get to complete so, and also probably choke him or her.Fortunately, you may have a day or two before the idea becomes fatal, so just monitor him.If he or she doesn’t complete it within the next 24-36 hours, maybe give the vet a new call when you have the cash then.Enjoy man.

I don’t believe that is going to be damaging to him.Rats get everything! Just monitor him, i know he’ll be all right.Good good fortune!

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