My puppy does not eat or drink water?

Your woman was clinically determined yesterday along with having around worms.I got given your de-wormer because of the vet to be given to her by mouth via syringe to get 5 nights.Today, she has not had or drank water.She pooped earthworms eggs along with pooped a very long worm Pondered to pull out.What I would like to know is why she won’t drink or eat and when I must force the girl to beverage and eat

Best to meet with your vet…cell phone calls are zero cost…he must know best the side effects in the medicine your dog gave you along with the physical condition of the pup, so he’ll knowledge far the guy can push before wanting to bring her last.

this may be a question to help ask this vet but i’ll try to assist…the earthworms u observed in the poo was more than likly a bed that the prescription drugs killed.she won’t want to help drink or perhaps eat as a result of meds.go receive sime good wet food and costume her dry for it.(mix) determine if she will probably eat and then.if she has not eaten in the couple days to weeks call that vet the particular meds might be making your girlfriend for the water make sure it good and clear and once eating the foodstuff she could get thirsty in the event she possibly not drank in several days still call the vet.share she possibly not eating or perhaps drinking and actually tell them about this worm in addition to worm offspring u observed in poo

Well…i’ve had alot of dogs…so i could possibly answer this kind of.

Your woman may/Probally offers eaten anything (hurtfull) to help her, (in ght garden or even out, and even in the actual house), keep your watch available…because she could well be reallyyyyy ill right now if she wasn’t eating….she probs is actually eaten along with drinking any time your out and about or some thing

Fine luck
In the event that it continues,,,, take her to some vet:) x

it features happened in order to my dog next time i took her towards vet we discovered that there seems to be something inside her stomach so your woman got A COUPLE OF tablets for you to eat twisted up in food and she was significantly better.

Related to it facilitates!

Call your own vet and get him! Most vets will probably be happy to give advice in order to ongoing clients over the phone.He should be able to give you a much better idea what needs to be done.

Not consuming is more serious as compared to not consuming.As additional said, call up the vet.

Make a call to ones vet, the email is zero cost.Better being safe as compared to sorry.

How sorry this proceeded so lengthy that jane is full regarding worms.

Call your vet and get her/him.

well maybe she’s going with a strike, THINK me, quite a few dogs own some big dignity difficulties…

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