My puppy ate a rock about the size of a nickel. She’s still eating, but not pooping.No vomiting yet. ?

Just how long will it choose to use pass She’s a discolored lab as well as about 30lbs today.She’s performing normal, and playing nonetheless i’m even now really uneasy.Has everyone else’s dog eaten a new rock as well as passed it

In canines, the biology would not support a lot of the alarmist views of this behavior.

It need to pass inside about TWENTY FOUR to 36 time and you should be checking their stools along with feed the idea soft foods and lots of water just before rushing into a Vet.The challenge with almost all dogs is they will consume a multitude of indigestible merchandise for absolutely no apparent reason but it is observed in Wolves, Foxes and also Coyotes at the same time and could possibly be a evolutionary adaptation with their natural foraging actions.You doggie will eat many points without your current knowledge in fact it is best to not panic an excess of with the few times the thing is that it occur.

i had similar problem together with my doggy, except rather than a rock it was before a pin number cushion stuffed with the time my doggy was in relation to 70lbs as well as after about each day or 2 we discovered pin mind in her poop.

so to suit your needs, i would likely give doggie plenty with water and look forward to another day.if you don’t see the rock inside a day i’d personally take her into the vet.

take canine to the vet it could need his stomach pumped your rock is indigestible material and it also can rupture the actual dogs digestive system and wipe out the dog

I possessed a exact situation…The dog consumed a poo:(

And yes it passed

never noticed that ahead of, but i think i would rise to the vet.

To this vet!

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