My pet rock no longer replies when I call. What’s wrong?

OMG exactly why did a person wait such a long time to find help Very poor little matter, he will often have died from final years.
Next time be sure you are buying from a responsible rock dealer and have a baby rock, it’s going to grow large and strong in case you feed them Miracle Expand weekly, obtain the week handle kind in order that it won’t always be bothered by using mold

I’m remorseful, but this sounds like a serious problem.It is advisable to bring it to a geologist and have its hearing checked…

I am hoping all goes well.MY SPOUSE AND I remember shedding my family pet rock the moment.I seemed to be heartbroken.

Maybe its bored with you
Get yourself a diamond and also give the item some competition in your affections:P

Its in all probability metamorphic — it is changed straight into something otherwise.

finaly some one that has a sence associated with humor wondering why i receive reported as soon as say this type of stuff

You must bribe it with several Rock Sugary snacks.That must do it!

Youve gotta reach the acid, fool

Don’t be concerned it ways your happy again!

Hmmm….my spouse and i couldn’t envision why


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