My pet rats have been sneezing all their life?

They are 13 weeks old, and still have been beautifully healthy.They sneeze as well as sniff at all times, I had been under that impression it was normal until finally recently.Are this rats okay

One connected with my daughter’s rats (born in our house) sneezed in the day she was created… a great deal that your girlfriend name appeared being “Sniffles”!:-)

She lived that they are over Three years old.

I’d say nothing to worry about.

While it could be some kind of respiratory contamination, I imagine that it’s far more likely that it is the substrate that you’re using, especially if many experts have going on since you brought these people home.

Certain wood-based substrates can be very dusty along with irritate your own rat’s lungs.I would certainly suggest a person switch to some paper-based substrate as an alternative to woodshavings.Also, any form of scented bedding/substrate, report based and also otherwise, can be very irritating to rats’ respiratory procedure.So, once more I would certainly suggest you switch to help an unscented, paper-based bedding/substrate.

I hope this aids!

Take all of them to vets to receive them sorted out.

Maybe they will havea cold.

thats usually a sign of uri.get them checked out by any vet.

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