My parakeet stands on one foot a lot is that a good or a bad sign?

that stands upon its perch along with one foot or so about 15 minutes soon after i acquire done positioning it ‘m i doing something inappropriate or what

My parakeets do that often, usually within the night or when they are sleepy.they stay on you leg, and acquire sort associated with lower, then they fluff way up their feathers and get ready that will sleep.additionally they turn their own heads regarding 180 certifications, and cling their beaks within their backs.

but be sure that when a person’s holding ones parakeets, dont put down it has the feets, that could hurt these folks…:)

It’s a natural bird tendencies, nothing in the least to concern yourself with.Usually it is to reduce the use of heat or after they are really relaxed, but there are actually other reasons you possibly can read concerning them these:

all birds do that.

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