My marbled crayfish molted earlier today he is big large one what should i do with the shell he let off?

he is not going close to it he could be hiding however the smaller crayfish relating to might eat it from time to time so i am not sure if to cut out the shell or leave it

Hi JK –

You possibly can either clear away it or maybe leave that.No inappropriate answer the following.I get read this crayfish usually eat his or her molt – however if you lave the item where it can be and see neither of these is paying out any particular attention to the item then We’d say clear away it.That the smaller crayfish makes a decision to consume it, and then let him.Won’t hurt what.:)

Concerning raised some crayfish in addition to all but one would eat their molt.


If what you will have is really a marbled crayfish, it is really “she, ” possibly not “he.” Just about all marbled crays will be female.

Leave the particular shell inside the tank.The crayfish will eat it and get nutritional value from it.If the other crayfish consumes it, that’s OK, far too.

Just abandon it most of them eat there molting.

Take it out of your tank.Remove becuase it’s not yummy.

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