My guinea pig occasionally gets one or two small scabs on his back, what is that?

I have 2 child guinea pigs, ( a new 3 month old, and also a 4 thirty days old) you seems for getting scabs although i by no means see him or her scratching while he’s throughout his operate (8 until 8 ish).The opposite is continually scratching but there’s no signs associated with anything.They don’t look like in virtually any pain or distress.I gave them a few ‘Spot On’ therapy about 30 days ago which usually stopped the actual scratching, but the scabs have been there.I likewise gave all of them a bath last week which got gone the scabs, although I picked him way up today and also noticed COUPLE OF scabs about his back towards your ex boyfriend bum, i picked out them off as they seemed to be loose nevertheless he laughed and said it appeared to be sore once i stroked it by squealing fully and nipping our finger.WHEN I also totally disinfected presently there run, cage, toys and there boxes they need in his or her cages while i bathed them.Should WE use ‘Spot On’ again, or will probably it just simply clear up

It feels like you have got mites.Spot On can be a direct insecticide and it is a terrible treatment.You would like to get often the applicable ivermectin or maybe Revolution (selemectin) and that is absorbed inside guinea pigs body as well as being very powerful against many ectoparasites just like mites.In the us you have to aquire them originating from a vet, i have no idea of about england.It will need at lowest 2 plus more likely several treatments.Make sure you clean and sanitize this cage with each medication.

Neutering a new boar isn’t really all which dangerous but it does almost nothing for you to change tendencies so is usually indicated only for a anti virility treatment when you’d like to house hold an face-to-face sex pair with out pups

i familiar with have a pair of guinea pigs in addition.the one would be much more dominant versus other and place the other “back in his place” hence would chunk him.which may be the challenge.i was told this specific aggressive behaviour may be stopped by having the much more dominant 1 castrated yet its a really risky operation and could possibly wipe out guinea my spouse and i don’t really have an resolution but this can include the dilemma.try simply just watching them while you can

is now there any tresses loss

when its mites, you need to treat considering the spot with treatment Three times each one particular 7-10 times apart, the best one kills the mites, the subsequent treatments kils any hatched eggs on the first lot as well as third is basically an extra in case.

scabs may be fungal, mites or be certain which one it truly is or to eliminate them all i would take them with a cavy savy vet.

could they be living together could the scabs be from them fighting


i’d personally treat these with THREE OR MORE courses xeno 300 one each and every 7-10 nights for 3 OR MORE treatments, if in which doesnt do the job then i’d personally try even more a field for your vet (they usually are few plus far between)

neutering the not in which dangerous when you have a cavy savy vet, i’ve got a piggy carried out and they’re fine.However , if the bos are generally living together it doesnt change the personality/behaviour, just the capability to re-produce so if they are residing together there is absolutely no point in any respect.

If there may be scratching and discomfort whenever petting, the two are signs of mites, you may already kn

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