My girlfriend and I’s house got broken into and she is more upset over the dog getting killed then our stuff?

After all it creates me question type person will value the dumb k9 that behaves no goal then some of our posetions.

See home got damaged into while the guy was going through our property he hit my friends pug in addition to broke the back, Get real it was pretty gruesome to find out up she was freaking out there and did not even become she cared which my brand spanking new plasma TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER got compromised!

It can make me sick that the girl cares a whole lot for your smelly canine that barked each time someone came towards the door.I necessarily mean we had lots of money worth involving stuff compromised.

Could it be just the girl are most of women the following dumb in addition to irrational

Dogs usually are like loved ones to the majority of us.

It’s seeing that if an individual robbed the house and while doing so, killed your own brother.What does one be additional upset in relation to, your products or your brother

You need to cut the woman some slack.

I’m working lady and you appear to be one suffering son of your *****.A living thing was killed so you care much more about property.People receive emmotionally along with animals on a regular basis, not tv’s.I advocate sensitivity classes and listening to the song Imagine by simply John Lennon.

Unlike the tv, the doggy was miraculously as good enough to learn to type after possessing been mortally wounded.A puppy like this can include worth millions.However, the robber killed doggy because he was suffering of experiencing it communicate badly with regards to itself in third particular person, but this insists on doing that on the web now.You’ll need some self-esteem, Mr.Dead Pug.

It appears in my opinion that your gf includes a loving plus caring characteristics about her.I you should not see what she views in an individual however considering that all you care about are content things.Every item that’s stolen could be replaced by your insurer, however, her beloved pet is unable to.You must be ashamed associated with yourself to get not being more sympathetic to be able to her inner thoughts.If your lady were intelligent, she would likely dump you and look for a real male who cares about it about her rather than about a handful of junk.

i desire your gf views this slaps people upside that head in addition to leaves an individual you idiot.material things is often replaced..aliving point is usually wrong on you if ones grandma or maybe your mothers house has been robbed and you also tv has been there would you be upset in regards to the tv while all your family members was laying to the floor useless and mangled oh yea and fyi probably that dumb dog ones reffering to be able to was probly defending the house and possesions so that you can died usually if it had been hiding that robber could have not observed it…do all of us a favour and be of b.a.

Actually a good “Animal” is a part of her household what does one think you’re thats right a mammal and that is a dog so the saying you should rather let someone who is in your area die and also keep you stupid tv that you wasted Tons of pounds onThink 2 times before wondering a dirty “Animal” is usually useless.

Wow ones pathetic.Imagine people house becomes broken into your son obtains shot from the eye they usually take a person’s tv.Will you be gonna throw out his system aside and also cry over your foolish tv that will be replaced through the homeowner Pet dogs are component to the friends and family.She beloved him and after this hes removed.I consider I wouldve broke up with you easily were your girlfriend for insulting the woman’s and her gender.

First of the being really rude your own more concerned about a tv then a living animal only was a person’s girlfriend I’d personally leave you since all you love your material this appears like you never really take care of your girlfriend in the least since you do not care about her experience your usually the one acting stupid here.

You usually are that insensitive My own gosh, you really discover how to be any gentleman don’t you NOTT! Pardon me, but this particular question people asked truly shows just how dumb and irrational you will be, not the girlfriend.

My dog may be a member connected with my friends and family.You your TV is going to be very delighted together.You are usually really pretty insensitive and I hope you never have to wonder dui attorney las vegas will most likely be single for long periods.

i would have taken people out 2nd, if were you to home, dillrod!!
then i’d be w/the poochie & smoochie!

your property got robbed Your dog has been killed Christ christ, quite a few phsycopath must’ve done that, if this happened in my experience, i would’ve obtained the **** away from there by now.

your house owners insurance will cover an innovative TV..

cant replace pet.Sure she gets another pug, however it wont have the same persona, bond, and many others that your ex pet acquired.

I really feel bad about your place been lost and mainly your plasma TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER.those TV’S are suitable..but the reason why she cares about the woman’s PUG.she should care more around the stuff people guys bought like the plasma

I hope you get tortured that will death in the most sore way, everyone arrogant retarded pig!


Pets are dwelling things! and in addition they become truly come and be hard friend.people like you will be hit from the back and see what happens.

This cannot be a actual question…seriously An individual spell even worse than my own nephew that’s in thirdly grade so you call THE WOMAN dumb!!

You really are a disgusting individual.Despicable! I do not understand how an individual expected any kind of sympathy in the least.

Your Troll-Fu elevates some, Grasshopper!

Thanks for that two details!

Troll inform.

If you’re not a troll, I’d suggest your girlfriend remove you.Better she learned now what you happen to be like than later!

You Cannot love her if you can’t support the woman’s in the woman’s time regarding grief.

If your girlfriend ended up killed can you still care more in regards to the plasma TV

Yeah she’s real lucky to obtain a troll.

you’re dumb.

has she cracked with an individual yet

Whats better…..A to.v as well as your mom

Well, to her it was before probably more than a dumb dog.I necessarily mean she experienced probably used years bonding having that dog and it became very close to her.

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