My fish is not eating his pellets?

I got 2 efficient chromis.But, they would not eat this pellets! The clownfish enjoys them nevertheless.only the smaller chromis eats a bit more when i drop it nearly him.But, the massive one obtains scared after i try that will drop it in front of him.He will not want to be able to eat.And my mom doesn’t allow frozen foodstuff unless it truly is vegetarian.They’re new sea food.They’ve been in my personal tank to get about A FEW days.Thnks!

Chromis should better inside bigger party but they’re going to warm around the container eventually.They’re only THREE days old in your tank so impart them with some time period.

In any case if it really is something the clown may eat the actual Chromis could eventually carry out too.I wouldn’t fear of it a lot of unless the simple truth is other unpleasant behavior similar to always camouflaging.

How old is your setup Chromis are hardy perch, and in case you are having problems keeping all of them healthy, one thing else is actually wrong.Usually it takes up into a week, to get a new sea food to change.Chromis are usually damsels, which are considered aggressive, women and men chromis are generally pretty mellow for damsels.Are you currently sure which the clown isnt like a bully in order to them Clowns have grown aggressive, (mine episodes me each my hand gets into the tank).Sounds for instance your Mommy needs to stop her stance, and obtain them a number of frozen mysis shrimp.Thats great that your woman wants that you be nutritious, and not eat beef, but these fish have a meaty diet program, with produce, and by means of not supplying it to be able to them, that they arent becoming proper eating routine.But including I stated, these seafood are tricky to get rid of, and in case you are having problems keeping chromis, something is actually wrong using your setup.

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