My fish has tattered/ripped/shredded up fins?

it can be an albino bushynose aka bristlenose pleco, and We’ve had him just the summer days he seemed to be doing fine nonetheless now his fins will be all sexy up plus stuff.He could be in any tank by using 3 cherry barbs, THREE OR MORE von rio tetras, 7 neon tetras, and 3 clown loaches, whenever that helps.What’s up with him How come quartz called his fins messed up

It’s possibly fin decay or fin nipping.This barbs plus tetras tend to be prime suspects.

Barbs and tetras will be notorious fin nippers, especially without having at least 6 in the school.You must separate him through the other sea food until he or she gets superior and re-think your stocking choices.If you wished to take returning the barbs and obtain more von rios, or perhaps vice versa, you could be okay.Everyone.

The additional fish usually are most def nipping the fins are you currently feeding while enough Perhaps you have crowded the tank

They could possibly have gotten scraped/eaten
research if your fish tend to be compatible.

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