My fish ent eating fish flakes?

hi my fish ent eating concerning thhem by using my neons your neons et this but these people dont they go on it and dont have it they usually started for getting fin remember to help me ps my partner and i tried these individuals on quite a few fish flakes

Honey gouramis undoubtedly are a little not so quick than neon tetras.Frozen foods including bloodworms, brine shrimp, and others gives both seafood species far more of an opportunity to eat.Some flying plants including hornwort, true or nasty, will yes the gouramis an organic place that will call home and the neons might not get every one of the frozen nutrition you thaw out along with place at this time there.

Them who What sort of fish are generally they
There’re starting to acquire fins These are babies
Neons usually are too rapidly.They get all the food item.
Would you seperate these individuals.

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