My female beta is blowing bubbles and not eating whats wrong with her?

my female meta can be blowing bubbles and not eating whats drastically wrong with your girlfriend and she’s swiming sluggish and your girlfriend coulers arent since bright can she end up being sick

Your betta is sick.
It is far from ready with regard to breeding.
offer her good care and also treatment.

-merlin marina AQUARIUM

Does “she” own longish fins Might be an underdeveloped males Betta.

If it is building your bubble home (bubbles final days) it’s a beneficial possibility it is a male.I’ve noticed female bettas developing small bubble nests as they definitely become younger adult sea food.

loss in color won’t mean significantly, you can make fish show darker shades by definitely not turning for the light on your tank for some days, and you can also make them paler by means of keeping really bright lights on for some days :so colour is very subjective.Is the actual fish eating will it be swimming ok If not on underneath or sideways, it truly is likely so..

Is water the correct temp what exactly size is a tank she has swimming slowly either for the reason that water is cool and/or the particular tank will be small.colors might be dull with the cool mineral water, or the meals you are generally feeding her.bubble nest is usually a happy natural behavior.she has not consuming because your lover isn’t greedy.feed her stick to day, i supply my betta a number of food to hold colors total and desire for food should definitely don’t nourish the catch 1 day every week so she can absorb her meals and is just not constipated.If jane is stressed do quite a slight nip of aquarium tank salt to lessen stress in addition to improve her immune system.

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