My dogs leg turns in?

the dog’s leg turns with and bends to come back dose your dog need any brace on his leg we’ve asked his / her vet however she said it turned out fine but im not so sure it truly is it maintains bending back more and more what should i do


My doggy had similar problems and I got told almost everything was fine, eventually right after much badgering by me the actual vet do we agree and introduced me for you to an orthopaedic physician.The canine needed surgical treatment on the leg which generated him using a metal plate and pins invest to keep it right.

About A FEW weeks healing time nonetheless didnt gradual him down in any respect afterwards or throughout the recovery lol

Insist at speaking in order to an orthopaedic surgeon and in addition they will show you for certain.


Unless he looks like he is within pain he must be fine.Getting him a brace could cause pain on internet land else

I 100% accept dawn b.

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