My dog recently passed away, now my other dog is sad and she’s usually happy, what can i do?

Your lady hardly eats, or takes on anymore.I am aware she misses your ex but just how do we aid her, my momma doesn’t desire to loose yet another dog.

Dogs go through a grieving process too.I apologize for a person’s loss.:-/ Why not try becoming out a lot more with your girlfriend, maybe continue long taking walks or continue on hikes.I have no idea what your pet passed far from but if it was something infected or you are not sure the main cause, I’d deliver your pup to the vet to get a check up.

Can’t you have her another companion It does not even need to be a pet.Animals regarding different species could be friends.

Maybe you need to go into the vet.They will surely assist you to, or probably it’s one thing else so you need to be sure.

ur canines only unhappy cuase u r, take action happy rounded ur dog and good her far more exercise.

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